United States

The United States is a region of North America. For purposes of this project, it comprises the area covered by the contiguous 48 states of the United States of America.


To the north is Canada. To the west is the North Pacific. To the east is the North Atlantic. To the south is Mesoamerica.


The United States is subdivided into two subregions.

Western United States:

In the northwest is the Pacific Northwest. In the center is the Rocky Mountains. In the east are the Great Plains. In the southwest is California. In the south is the Southwestern Desert. In the southeast is Texas.

Eastern United States:

In the northwest is the North Country. In the northeast is New England. In the west is the Midwest. In the center is Appalachia. In the east is the Midatlantic Coast. In the southwest are the Ozarks. To the south is the Deep South. In the southeast is Florida.


For the pre-Contact history of the United States, see North America.

At the time of Contact, the United States was inhabited by a variety of Native American nations. The first Europeans to come to the region were Conquistadors from Spain who established colonies in California, the Southwestern Desert, Texas and Florida. Another wave of invaders came as the British colonized New England, the Midatlantic Coast and the Deep South, thus launching the Colonial Era.

This era culminated with the Revolutionary War, after which the new nation gradually extended control over the Wild Frontier via a series of Indian wars, eventually expanding across the continent into the Wild West.

United States

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