Saints are humans risen to demi-godhood through following Monotheism, usually in its Christian form—though other religions also have saint equivalents.

Often religious characters have a patron saint who intercedes for them with the major Monotheistic deity/deities.

While in human form, saints are typically Clerics, though they may be Paladins, Monks, Druids or members of other classes.

John the Baptist

Saint Ann

Virgin Mary

Saint Joseph


Saint Peter

Saint Andrew

Saint John

Saint James

Saint Matthew

Saint James the Less

Saint Thomas

Saint Bartholemew

Saint Philip

Saint Simon the Zealot

Saint Jude

Judas Iscariot

Other Saints

Mary Magdalene

Saint Martha

Saint Lazarus

Saint Christopher

Saint Paul

Saint Luke

Saint Mark

Saint Patrick

Saint Bridget

Saint Francis

Saint Elmo

Saint George

Saint Margaret

Saint Sebastian

Saint Barbara

Saint Vitus

Saint Giles

Saint Lucy

Saint Valentine

Saint Nicolas

Saint Walpurgis

King Wenceslas

Saint Teresa

Joan of Arc


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