Whether you know him as Allah or just plain God, his rise from obscure tribal protector to omnipotent ruler of the universe is the great celestial success story of our aeon. At the same time, his interest in having his followers wage holy war against each other – or his inability to prevent them from doing so – is one of the eternal mysteries.


Holy Spirit

Virgin Mary

The Demiurge

Some of Jehovah’s apparent multiple personality disorder may be explained by the fact that there are, in fact, multiple entities who operate under his name. Among these is the Demiurge, the subcontractor who created the material universe at the request of Jehovah. He’s been accused of bungling the job, but the scarier thought is that it might have turned out exactly the way he planned it. He likes people to refer to him as “God,” a pretense that may greatly annoy Jehovah (or may not – it’s often hard to understand a deity’s sense of humor).

See also Saint.


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