Midatlantic Coast

For purposes of this campaign, the Midatlantic Coast of the United States comprises the areas of the states of New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware. The description may also pertain to adjacent areas of other regions.


To the north of the Midatlantic Coast is Canada. To the west is the Midwest. To the east is New England. To the south is the Deep South.


The climate of the Midatlantic Coast is temperate. The predominant terrain is forest.

In the north of the Midatlantic Coast is New York. In the west and center is Pennsylvania. In the east is New Jersey. In the southwest in Virginia. In the south is Maryland. In the southeast is Delaware.

The Midatlantic Coast is home to several major urban areas, including New York City, Gotham City, Philadelphia, Metropolis, Baltimore and Washington DC.

Midatlantic Coast

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