Medieval Characters


5th Century Merlin Wizard

5th Century Morgana Le Fay Britain Wizard

5th Century King Arthur Britain King

5th Century Sir Lancelot France Knight

5th Century Sir Gawain Britain Knight

5th Century Sir Galahad Britain Knight

5th Century Sir Perceval Britain Knight

5th Century Sir Tristan Britain Knight

(650-710) Saint Giles Hermit Greece France

(742-814) Charlemagne France Emperor

( -778) Roland France Knight

( -778) Oliver France Knight

8th Century [Renaud de Montauban France Knight

8th Century Ogier the Dane Denmark Knight


(907-935) King Wenceslas King

923 Quetzalcoatl King

(950-1003) Eric the Red Viking

10th Century Godric Gryffindor England Wizard ((993))

10th Century Helga Hufflepuff England Wizard ((993))

10th CenturyRowena Ravenclaw England Wizard ((993))

10th Century Salazar Slytherin England Wizard ((993))

(950–1003) Eric the Red Viking Barbarian

(970-1020) Leif Ericson Viking Barbarian

(995-1035) Canute the Great Denmark

(1005-1057) Macbeth Scotland

(1040-1080) Lady Godiva England

(1044-1099) El Cid Knight Spain

(1079-1142) Peter Abelard Teacher

(1101-1162) Heloise

(1122-1190) Frederick Barbarossa

(1137-1193) Saladin

(1157-1199) Richard the Lionheart

King John

(1160-1247) Robin Hood England

12th Century Little John

12th Century Friar Tuck

12th Century Maid Marian

12th Century Sheriff of Nottingham

12th Century Ivanhoe Knight England

(1162-1227) Genghis Khan Mongol Barbarian Emperor

12th Century Prester John writes to the Pope

(1175 – 1232) Michael Scot Scottish Wizard

(1182-1226) Saint Francis of Assisi

(c. 1200-1280) Albertus Magnus Philosopher and alchemist.

(1215-1294) Kublai Khan Chinese Emperor

(1220-1298) Thomas the Rhymer Scottish Wizard

(1225-1274) Thomas Aquinas

(1254-1324) Marco Polo

13th Century Tannhauser

13th Century Pied Piper

(1270-1305) William Wallace

(1480 – 1540) Johann Faust German Wizardh1. Your title here…

Medieval Characters

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