Iron Age

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1125 Deborah

1105 Brutus becomes king of Britain.

1040 Samuel

1030-1010 Reign of Saul

1010-970 Reign of David

1000 David captures Jerusalem

970-931 Reign of Solomon

966 Building of Solomon’s Temple by Hiram

Queen of Sheba

King Solomon’s Mines

874-853 Reign of Ahab, husband of Jezebel

861 King Leir reins over Britain from Caerleir (Leicester).

858 Elijah

850 Jezebel

841-814 Jehu, known for his driving

860-835 Reign of Jehosaphat in Judah

814 Foundation of Carthage

801 Queen Cordelia succeeds her father Leir as monarch of Britain.

776 First Olympic Games

740 Isaiah’s Prophesies

753 Romulus (771-717) kills his twin Remus during the founding of Rome

Rape of the Sabine Women

721-705 Reign of Sargon

668-621 Reign of Ashurbanipal

628 Siddhartha (663-583) achieves enlightenment and becomes the Buddha.

637 Jeremiah’s prophecies

620-560 Aesop

604-562 Nebuchadnezzar

604-531 Lao Tsu

598-538 Babylonian Captivity

588 Zarathustra spake in Bactria.

569-473 Pythagoras

560 Croesus (595-546) becomes king of Lydia

555-549 Cyrus becomes king of Persians and Medes

551-479 Confucius

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Iron Age

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