Ice Age

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3 MYA Beginning of Ice Age

3 MYA Saber-tooth tiger

2.5 MYA Panama connects the Americas.

[edit] STONE AGE

2.4 MYA Homo habilis

2MYA First stone tools

[edit] 1.8 MYA Pleistocene

1.8 MYA Home erectus


Woolly rhinoceros

Cave bear

Dire wolf

[edit] Hyperborean Age

750,200 BCE Eibon, greatest wizard of Hyperborea, lived just before the empire was covered by glaciers

500,000 BCE: Discovery of fire

393,000 BC: destruction of Mu]

350,000 First Neanderthals

200,000 BCE First Homo sapiens

161,844 BCE: destruction of Lemuria

100,000 BCE: Dire wolf

100,000 BCE: Construction of Ringworld

70,000 BC Beginning of last Ice Age

33,000 BC The Cro-Magnon Ayla is adopted by the Neanderthal Clan of the Cave Bear.

[edit] First Age



Destruction of Atlantis (Numenor)


Second Age

[edit] Third Age





28,000 Last surviving Neanderthal fossils.

28,000 Cave paintings at Lascaux

20,000 BCE King Kull of Atlantis

17,000 BCE Cave painting at Lascaux

10,000 BCE Conan the Barbarian

Red Sonja

9,500 BC Final destruction of Atlantis

8,000 BC End of last Ice Age

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Ice Age

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