Great Depression

The Great Depression is the time between the Jazz Age and World War II.

1922 Pretty Boy Floyd (1904-1934) begins a life of crime.

1929 Al Capone’s gang carries out the Valentine’s Day Massacre. Eliot Ness (1903-1957) appointed to head the Treasury Department’s Untouchables, a squad of nine assigned to bring down Capone.

1929 Black Friday

1929 Ellery Queen begins solving mysteries in New York City.

1929 Kent Allard aka Lamont Cranston aka The Shadow assembles a team of agents and begins fighting crime in New York City.

1929 Trotsky exiled

1930 Nancy Drew (b. 1914) begins solving crimes in River Heights, Illinois.

1930 Bluesman Robert Johnson sells his soul at the crossroads in Rosedale, Mississippi.

1930 Judge Crater (b. 1889) disappears.

1930 Sam Spade gets involved with the hunt for the Maltese Falcon.

1930 Mahatma Gandhi leads the Salt March

1930 Creation of the Gulag

1930 Molotov (1890-1986) becomes Soviet prime minister.

1930 Rube Goldberg begins inventing his devices.

1930 BF Skinner (1904-1990) creates the Skinner Box.

1931 The Pabodie Expedition to Antarctica’s Mountains of Madness ends in disaster.

1931 Empire State Building built.

1931 Doc Savage (b. 1901) begins fighting evil with his Fabulous Five.

1931-1935 Ma Barker masterminds her family’s crime spree, which ended when she and one of her sons are killed in an FBI raid.

1932 American millionaire Samuel Edward Ratchett is murdered on the Orient Express, a crime solved by detective Hercule Poirot (b. 1864?).

1932 Charles Lindbergh’s infant son kidnapped.

1932 The priest Imhotep released from imprisonment.

1932 FDR elected president; “Happy Days Are Here Again”

1933 Kong, a giant gorilla, is discovered on Skull Island in the Pacific and brought to New York City for exhibition with unfortunate consequences.

1933 Lawrence Talbot is infected with lycanthropy in Wales.

1933 Adolf Hitler takes power in Germany.

1933 Private eye Philip Marlowe

1933 Perry Mason

1934 Loch Ness Monster photographed for first time.


Invisibility serum

1934 John Dillinger (b. 1903) reportedly killed by the FBI in Chicago.

1934 Bonnie Parker (b. 1910) and Clyde Barrow (b. 1909) killed in a shootout with Texas and Louisiana state police.

1934 Alcatraz becomes a federal prison.

1933 Nick and Nora Charles solve the mystery of the Thin Man.

1935 Hoover Dam completed.

1936 Ark of the Covenant recovered by Professor Henry “Indiana” Jones Jr.

1936 Britt Reid (grand-nephew of the Lone Ranger) begins fighting crime as The Green Hornet, assisted by the martial artist Kato.

1936 Moscow show trials begin.

1936 Last Tasmanian wolf dies in captivity.

1937 Spanish Civil War won by Francisco Franco, lost by George Orwell.

1937 Rape of Nanking

1937 Hindenberg disaster. “Oh the humanity!”

1937 Golden Gate Bridge completed.

1937 U.S. gold reserves held at Fort Knox.

1937 Disappearance of Amelia Earhart

1937 Sheena becomes Queen of the Jungle.

1938 Albert Hoffman discovers LSD while riding his bicycle.

1938 Neville Chamberlain strikes a deal with Adolf Hitler in Munich for “peace in our time”

1938 A second Martian invasion in New Jersey is halted even more quickly by lack of immunity.

1939? Oliver Warbucks takes on a foster child named Annie.

1939 Phil Marlowe investigates the affairs of the Sternwood family.



Great Depression

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