Future Era

Alex is cured of anti-social tendencies—real horrowshow.

2014 V destroys the Old Bailey

2019 Bladerunners battle replicants.

2019 Akira resurrected in Neo-Tokyolllllllllll.

2022 Soylent Green goes on market

2029 Reese is sent back in time to stop The Terminator.

2030 Creation of the robot Astro Boy

2055 A time-traveller goes back to the Cretaceous period and steps on a butterfly.

2122 Nostromo encounters an alien; Ripley the sole survivor.

2156 Earth-Romulan war begins.

2161 Foundation of United Federation of Planets.

2203 Flash Gordon and Dale Arden battle Ming the Merciless on the planet Mongo[.

Mars colony unleashes Doom.

Logan makes his run.

Valentine Michael Smith born on Mars.

2218 Conflict between Klingons and United Federation of Planets lasts until 2293.

2245 Enterprise commissioned

2266 Capt. [[James T. Kirk]] (2223-2293) takes command of the Enterprise.

2364 Jean-Luc Picard captain of Enterprise

2365 Contact with Borg

2371 Dr. Edward Morbius discovered on a Forbidden Planet

Robinson family lost in space.

2400 Buck Rogers

2512 Mal Reynolds buys the spaceship Serenity.

2850 Louis Wu discovers Ringworld.

2973 Founding of the Legion of Superheroes.

3955 Apes rule humans on Earth.

Baron Harkonen.

21,000 Paul Muad’ib joins the Fremen of Arrakis.

40,000 Barbarella battles Duran Duran


Mad Max

800,000 Humanity divided into Eloi and Morlocks

Future Era

The Known World hrairoo