Contemporary Era

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1981 AIDS first identified

1981 Ronald Reagan takes office, Iranian hostages released at same moment.

1981 CIA, Colombian cartels set up Contras.

1981 Freddy Kruger (1940-1968) begins terrorizing kids on Elm Street.

1982 ET appears in California

1982 Vietnam vet John Rambo goes to war with law enforcement officers in Hope, Washington.

1982 Positronic robots invented—following Asimov Laws.

1983 Escape of serial killer Hannibal Lecter. He is never heard from again.

1983 Invasion of Grenada

1984 First Terminator robot arrives in past

1984 JR Bob Dobbs assassinated.

(Big Brother—in parallel universe?)

Oliver North manages [[Iran-Contra] operation from White House basement, aided by Fawn Hall.

Drug dealers operating out of Mena, Arkansas.

Gen. John Singlaub supports Contra operations.

Crockett and Tubbs battle Contra-backed drug operations in Miami.

1987 First Predator spotted on Earth.

1985 Rambo rescues MIA soldiers from Vietnam.

1985 Marty McFly sent into the past by Doc Emmett Brown (b. 1920).

1988 Rambo fights in Afghanistan alongside future Al-Qaeda members.

1988 Pat Robertson starts Christian Coalition.

1988 George Bush, former CIA chief, becomes president.

1988 Much of Tokyo destroyed by the psychic Akira.

1989 The U.S. invades Panama to unseat Gen. Manuel Noriega (b. 1938), a former ally.

1989 Chernobyl disaster

1989 Berlin Wall falls

1989 Michael Moore makes Roger and Me

1990 Nelson Mandela freed, elected president in 1994.

1991 FBI agent Fox Mulder is assigned to the agency’s X-Files project.

1991 Kurt Cobain records “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

1991 Gulf War

1991 Second Terminator robot

1992 Bill Clinton elected

Vince Foster commits suicide

1993 Branch Davidian compound burns to ground.

Ruby Ridge

Black Helicopters

Raccoon City

1994 Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson by OJ Simpson.

1994 Newt Gingrich becomes Speaker of the House

1995 Tim McVeigh bombs the Oklahoma City federal building.

Monica Lewinsky

1997 Snake Plissken escapes from New York.

1998 Hugo Chavez elected president of Venezuela.

1999 Two disgruntled students carry out a massacre at Colorado’s Columbine High School.

1999 A black monolith is discovered on the Moon near a fledgling colony.

1999 Escapees from Monster Island attack world cities, creating a need to Destroy All Monsters.

2000 Death Race 2000 held.

2000 Al Gore runs against George W Bush. Disputed election in Florida. Supreme Court awards presidency to Bush.

2001 Captained by Dave Bowman and guided by the computer HAL 9000, Discovery 1 leaves on the first manned mission to Jupiter.

2001 World Trade Center destroyed; Pentagon attacked.

2003 Invasion of Iraq

2003 Louvre curator Jacques Sauniere is found dead in the museum, an apparent victim of ritual murder.

2005 New Orleans destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

2005 The planet Eris is discovered.

2008 Barack Obama elected president.

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