Bronze Age

The Bronze Age is between the Ice Age and Iron Age eras.

Tower of Babel built by Nimrod

3200 The Dagda builds Newgrange in Ireland

3114 Beginning of Mayan calendar

3102 Beginning of Kali Yuga

3100 Mahabharata war

3100 Construction of Stonehenge begins

3100 First Egyptian Dynasty

3000 [[Mohenjo-daro]]

3000 Invention of the wheel


2698-2599 Reign of Yellow Emperor, first emperor of China

2613 Reign of [[Nephren-Ka]] in Egypt

2600 Gilgamesh

2560 Great Pyramid built by Cheops (reigned 2589-2566)

2500 Book of the Dead written

2200 Queen Nitocris reigns in Egypt

1956 Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah

1955-1775 Isaac

1850 Abraham (2055-1880) arrives in Canaan

1896 Tuatha de Danaan arrive in Ireland

1895-1748 Jacob

1804-1694 Joseph

1800 Hittite Empire

1770 Birth of Uranus

1750 Birth of Kronos


1710 Castration of Ouranos by Kronos

1701 Birth of Zeus

1700 Hammurabi

1699 Tuatha de Danaan defeated by Milesians

1682 Zeus overthrows Kronos

1674 Births of Hephaestus, Ares, Eris, Hebe.

1674-67 Births of Apollo, Artemis, Hermes, Athene by different mothers.

1654 Creation of Pandora

1630-1511 Moses

1628 Revolt of the Titans; Attack of Typhon

1607 Founding of Argos

1600 Eruption of Thera

1595 Hittites sack Babylon

1550 Exodus

1510 Joshua destroys the walls of Jericho

1460 Deucalion’s Flood

1437 Founding of Thebes

1438 Minos

1420 Abduction of Persephone

1420 Birth of Dionysus

1410 First Olympic Games

1379-1336 Amenhotep



1366- Perseus

1333 King Tut reigns in Egypt (until 1323)

1302-1203 Rameses the Great (Ozymandias)

1290 The priest Imhotep is cursed to become a living mummy.

1000-100 B.C.

1286-1226 Herakles

1271- Theseus

Oedipus kills his father, marries his mother.


Bellerophon kills the Chimaera.

1250 Exodus (JB)

1251 Calydonian Boar Hunt

1246 Voyage of the Argonauts

1233-1173+ Helen

1210 Joshua invades Canaan

1193-1183 Trojan War

1173 Homecoming of Odysseus

1071 Samson and Delilah

Daniel in the lion’s den

Babylonian captivity

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Bronze Age

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