Aquarian Age

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1963 At the March on Washington, Martin Luther King declares he has a dream.

1964 Ghidra

1964 The Beatles appear on The Ed Sullivan Show.

1964 Doctor Strangelove (almost) causes the end of the world.

1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident

1964 Captain America unfrozen from iceberg.

1964 Seven sea-goers are marooned on Gilligan’s Island, not rescued until 1977.

1965 Gamera the giant turtle appears over Japan.

1965 Ralph Nader exposes the auto industry as unsafe at any speed.

1965 Malcolm X (b. 1925) assassinated in New York City.

1965 Watts Riots

1965 Bond kills Francisco Scaramanga, The Man with the Golden Gun.

1966 Birth of Damien Thorn, potential Antichrist. Another candidate is born about the same time to Rosemary Woodhouse in New York City.

1966 Mao and the Gang of Four launch the Cultural Revolution.

1966 Death and replacement of Paul McCartney.

1967 The Summer of Love

1967 Guerrilla leader Che Guevara (b. 1928) captured and killed by the CIA in Bolivia.

1967 Attempt to levitate the Pentagon

1967 John McCain shot down over North Vietnam.

1968 Martin Luther King (b. 1929), Robert Kennedy (b. 1925) assassinated.

1968 Abbie Hoffman leads the Yippies during the riots at the Democratic Convention in Chicago.

1968 Zombie plague near Pittsburgh.

1968 My Lai massacre, Tet Offensive

1968 John Kerry on a Swift Boat in Vietnam.

1968 Richard Nixon defeats Hubert Humphrey.

1969 Henry Kissinger becomes National Security Advisor.

1969 Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin set foot on the Moon.

1969 Billy Pilgrim becomes unstuck in time.

1969 Woodstock

1969 Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and their dog Scooby-Doo begin investigating supernatural manifestations in their Mystery Machine.

1969 Charles Manson (b. 1934) directs his Family to commit a series of murders.

1969 Hells Angels serving as bouncers at a Rolling Stones concert at Altamont, Calif., kill one of the spectators.

1970 Four Atlanta businessmen encounter troublesome locals on a canoe trip through the Georgia wilderness.

1970 Invasion of Cambodia

1970 Four dead at Kent State, Ohio.

1970 Surviving Beatles break up

1970 Captain Willard goes up the river to look for Col. Kurtz in Cambodia. [10]

1970 Death of Jimi Hendrix (b. 1942)

1971 D.B. Cooper’s leap

1971 Capsizing of the S.S. Poseidon

1971 Singer Jim Morrison fakes his own death in Paris, retires to Africa.

1971 Detective John Shaft battles the Mob in Harlem.

1971 Idi Amin becomes president for life of Uganda; deposed in 1979, but keeps living until 2003.

1972 Astronaut Steve Austin becomes the Six Million Dollar Man.

1972 Jane Fonda goes to North Vietnam.

1972 Nixon aides break into Democratic Party offices at the Watergate Hotel in Washington. Reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein investigate. Deep Throat.

1972 Youngblood Priest, aka Superfly, tries to quit the cocaine business.

1972 Killer clown John Wayne Gacy (1942-1994) begins burying boys in his basement.

1972-1974 Reporter Carl Kolchak investigates a series of supernatural crimes in Las Vegas, Seattle and Chicago.

1973 Terrorist The Jackal tries to assassinate Charles de Gaulle.

1973 Energy Crisis sparked by Arab oil embargo

1973 CIA overthrows Allende.

1973 Cornelius and Zira, intelligent chimpanzees from the future, land near Southern California.

1974 Cannibal hicks attack teenage tourists in Texas; chainsaws are used by a particularly disturbed hick known as Leatherface.

1974 Daredevil Evel Knievel (b. 1938) attempts to jump the Snake River Canyon.

1974 George Smiley uncovers a mole in British intelligence


1974 Newspaper heiress Patty Hearst kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army,

1974 Nixon resigns.

1975 The U.S. evacuates the Saigon embassy.

1975 Khmer Rouge, led by Pol Pot, declare Year Zero in Kampuchea.

1975 A young family flees strange happenings at a house in Amityville, N.Y.

1975 Serial killer Hannibal Lecter caught by the FBI, committed to an asylum.

1975 Teamster leader Jimmy Hoffa (b. 1913) disappears.

1976 Son of Sam begins a series of murders in New York City that end in 1977.

1976 Jaime Sommers becomes the Bionic Woman

1976 Taxi driver Travis Bickle becomes a hero.

1976 UBS anchor Howard Beale declares he’s mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

1976 Unknown fighter Rocky Balboa gets a shot at heavyweight champion Apollo Creed.

1976 U.S. celebrates Bicentennial.

1976 Jimmy Carter elected president.

1977 A enormous UFO appears near Devil’s Tower, Wyoming.

1977 Elvis Presley (b. 1935) fakes death, goes into not-very-successful hiding.

1977 Jack Torrance is hired to be the winter caretaker at Colorado’s Overlook Hotel, where he moves with his wife Wendy and son Danny.

1978 Followers of Jim Jones drink the Kool-Aid in the Jonestown Massacre.

1978 Mr. Roarke establishes Fantasy Island in the Pacific Ocean, assisted by Tattoo.

1978 Michael Meyers returns home for Halloween

1979 Three Mile Island almost melts down.

1979 Nazi scientist Josef Mengele (b. 1911) dies in Brazil.

1979 Jason Voorhees (1946-1958) emerges from Crystal Lake to begin a reign of terror.

1979 Iranian students, inspired by Ayatollah Khomeini, take 52 hostages at the U.S. embassy.

1979 Jerry Falwell founds Moral Majority

1980 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan; U.S. recruits Mujahedeen to fight.

1980 Jake and Elwood Blues released from prison

1980 John Lennon assassinated

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