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  • Solar System

    The Solar System is a star system in the [[Milky Way Galaxy]]. It centers around the [[Sun]] and includes at least nine planets, plus a large number of asteroids, comets and other objects. h4. Planets In order from the sun, the Solar System's …

  • Jupiter

    Jupiter is the fifth (or sixth) planet from the [[Sun]] in the [[Solar System]]. It averages almost 500 million miles from the Sun. Gravity on Jupiter is about 2 1/3 times stronger than it is on [[Earth]].

  • Saturn

    Saturn is a planet in the [[Solar System]], in an orbit between [[Jupiter]] and [[Uranus]]. It is on average almost 900 million miles from the [[Sun]]. Its years is about 28 Earth years long. Saturn's rings are its most notable feature. Gravity on …