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    h4. Places [[Louisiana]] [[Caribbean]] [[Port Royal]] [[Tortugas]] [[Bahamas]] [[Madagascar]] [[Somalia]] h4. Characters [[Blackbeard]] [[Long John Silver]] [[William Kidd]] [[Jean Lafitte]] [[Anne Bonney]] [[ …

  • Blackbeard

    Blackbeard, alias Edward Teach, was one of the most feared [[pirate]]s ever known. His hideout was on [[Ocracoke Island]] in the [[Carolinas]]. He also lived on the island of Nassau in the [[Bahamas]], where he was magistrate of the Privateers …

  • Captain Flint

    Captain Joseph Flint was a [[pirate]], the captain of the _Walrus_. [[Long John Silver]], his quartermaster, was the only man he ever feared. He buried his loot on [[Treasure Island]] in 1750. He died in [[Savannah Georgia]] in 1754.