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  • Paris

    Paris is the capital and principal city of [[France]]. Notre Dame Arc de Triomphe Eiffel Tower Sorbonne Louvre Moulin Rouge [[Rue Morgue]] h4. Characters [[Archdeacon Frollo]] (1446-1482) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ …

  • Washington DC

    Washington DC is the capital of the [[United States]]. h4. Location To the north, west and east of Washington DC is the state of [[Maryland]]. To the south is the [[Potomac River]], and across the river is [[Virginia]]. h4. Points of Interest …

  • Argos

    Argos is a city in [[Argolis]] in [[Greece]]. The site of the city was earlier the home of the 100-eyed [[giant]] [[Argus]]. Argos was sacred to the goddess [[Hera]]. Argos was the birthplace of [[Perseus]].

  • Eleusis

    Eleusis is a city in [[Attica]], best known as the site of the [[Eleusinian Mysteries]].

  • Marathon

    Marathon is a city in [[Attica]], best known as the site of a victory against the forces of [[Persia]] in 490 BC. The Greek [[soldier]] Pheidippides ran 26 miles to Athens to deliver the news, then died.

  • Seattle

    Seattle is a city in [[Washington State]]. It is known for rain, coffee and the grunge scene. [[Bill Gates]] [[Kurt Cobain]]

  • New Orleans

    New Orleans is a city in [[Louisiana]]. h4. Characters [[Louis Armstrong]]

  • Dallas

    h4. City: Dallas Dallas is a city in [[Texas]]. It is a center of the oil industry. h4. Characters [[John F Kennedy]] [[Lee Harvey Oswald]] [[Jack Ruby]] [[JR Ewing]]

  • Chicago

    Chicago is the largest city in [[Illinois]]. h3. Characters [[Ma O Leary]] [[Al Capone]] [[Richard Daley]] [[Michael Jordan]] [[Barack Obama]]

  • Vienna

    Vienna is the capital [[city]] of [[Austria]] and formerly of [[Austria Hungary]]. Vienna is a stop on the [[Orient Express]].