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  • musician

    h4. Archetype: Musician A musician by [[profession]] is a someone who makes or writes music. [[Ludwig von Beethoven]] [[Johann Sebastian Bach]] [[Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart]] [[Joe Hill]] [[Louie Armstrong]] [[Billie Holliday]] [[ …

  • inventor

    h4. Archetype: Inventor An inventor is someone who creates a new type of device. h4. Characters [[Thomas Edison]] [[Alexander Graham Bell]] [[Nikola Tesla]] [[Wilbur Wright]] [[Orville Wright]] [[Montpelier]] [[Tom Swift]]

  • assassin

    h4. Archetype: Assassin An assassin is a kind of killer. h4. Characters [[Brutus]] [[Cassius]] [[John Wilkes Booth]] [[Leon Czolgosz]] [[Gavrilo Princip]] [[Lee Harvey Oswald]] [[Sirhan Sirhan]] [[John Hinckley]] [[Nikita …