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  • South America

    South America is a continent. h4. Location To the north is [[North America]]. To the west is the [[South Pacific]]. To the east is the [[South Atlantic]]. To the south is the [[Antarctic Ocean]]. h4. Regions To the north is the [[Caribbean …

  • Andes

    The Andes are a region in [[South America]]. h4. Physical The Andes are a vast [[mountain]] range stretching along the entire west coast of South America. In the north of the Andes is [[Colombia]]; in the center are [[Ecuador]] and [[Peru]]; in …

  • Caribbean Coast

    The *Caribbean Coast* is a region in [[South America]]. It includes Colombia east of the [[Andes]], [[Venezuela]], [[Guyana]] and [[Suriname]].

  • Guyana

    [[Guyana]] is an area on the [[Caribbean Coast]] of [[South America]]. h4. Characters [[Jim Jones]]