Tag: Organization


  • FBI

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation is the national [[police]] agency of the [[United States]]. Its headquarters are located in [[Washington DC]]. h4. Characters [[J Edgar Hoover]] [[Fox Mulder]] [[Dana Scully]] [[Claire Starling]] [[ …

  • Organization

    An organization is a group of people organized for some kind of purpose. h4. Types [[Government]] [[Agency]] [[Unit]] [[Corporation]] [[Publication]] [[Group]] [[School]] [[Church]] [[Hospital]]

  • School

    A school is an [[organization]] dedicated to [[education]]. [[Oxford]] [[Cambridge]] [[Brichester University]] [[University of Paris]] [[Sorbonne]] [[Dartmouth]] [[Harvard]] [[MIT]] [[Brown]] [[Yale]] [[Marshall College]] …

  • Unit

    A unit is a military [[organization]]. It can be as large as an army or may have only a handful of members.

  • Agency

    An agency is an [[organization]] that belongs to a [[government]]. The military version of an agency is a [[unit]]. h4. United States Agencies that are part of the [[US Government]]: [[State Department]] [[FBI]] [[CIA]] [[NEA]] [[DEA …

  • Secret Service

    The Secret Service is an [[agency]] of the [[US government]] that provides protection for the [[President]] and other officials.