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  • Italy

    Italy is a region of [[Europe]]. It includes the mainland territory of the real-world nation of Italy. h4. Physical In the northeast of Italy is [[Piedmont]]. In the north is [[Lombardy]]. In the northeast is [[Venetia]]. In the west is [[ …

  • Venetia

    Venetia is a region in the northeast of [[Italy]]. It includes the cities of [[Venice]], [[Padua]] and [[Verona]].

  • Tuscany

    Tuscany is a region in the west of [[Italy]]. It includes the cities of [[Florence]] and [[Pisa]].

  • Elba

    Elba, an island in the [[Mediterranean]] that is considered part of [[Italy]], is best known as the place where [[Napoleon Bonaparte]] was exiled in 1814-15. h4. Location Elba is located between [[Corsica]] and [[Tuscany]].

  • Rome

    Rome is a city in [[Central Italy]]. It has been the capital of both [[Italy]] and the [[Roman Empire]]. Rome is also the location of the [[Vatican]]. h4. Characters [[Romulus]] [[Remus]] [[Julius Caesar]] [[Augustus Caesar]] [[ …