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  • Greece

    Greece is a nation in the [[Balkans]]. h4. Physical The climate of Greece is [[Mediterranean]]. The predominant terrain is [[hills]]. In the northwest of Greece is [[Epirus]]. In the north and northeast is [[Macedonia]]. In the center is [[ …

  • Argos

    Argos is a city in [[Argolis]] in [[Greece]]. The site of the city was earlier the home of the 100-eyed [[giant]] [[Argus]]. Argos was sacred to the goddess [[Hera]]. Argos was the birthplace of [[Perseus]].

  • Eleusis

    Eleusis is a city in [[Attica]], best known as the site of the [[Eleusinian Mysteries]].

  • Marathon

    Marathon is a city in [[Attica]], best known as the site of a victory against the forces of [[Persia]] in 490 BC. The Greek [[soldier]] Pheidippides ran 26 miles to Athens to deliver the news, then died.

  • Macedonia

    Macedonia is a kingdom in [[Greece]]. It is considered to be semi-[[barbarian]], semi-civilized. h4. Points of Interest On the border between Macedonia and [[Thessaly]] is [[Mount Olympus]]. h4. Characters [[Philip of Macedon]] [[Olympias …

  • Mount Olympus

    Mount Olympus is a mountain in [[Greece]], located between [[Macedonia]] and [[Thessaly]]. It is the home of the [[Olympians]].

  • Central Greece

    Central Greece is an area in [[Greece]]. h4. Location To the northwest of Central Greece is [[Epirus]]. To the north is [[Macedonia]]. To the west is the [[Ionian Sea]]. To the east is the [[Aegean Sea]]. To the south is the [[Gulf of Corinth]]. To …